Personal information

I am a Socialist MEP and Professor at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Valencia. Professionally, I have dedicated myself to research applied to the development of European public policies, especially in the social and health area.

In my work in the European Parliament, I will use my experience in public policies to promote a Social Europe that protects people, and develop measures that improve the quality of life and society in general.

Why Europe

I am a great defender of the European project. In a globalised world, only coordination and cooperation between governments will allow progress towards greater welfare and social justice. Achieving union through dialogue and social cohesion is an objective for which I will work during my mandate.

The European Union has to be social and solve people’s real problems.

Only by being united and coordinated will we be strong and build the future.

Socialist in the European Parliament

Socialists fight in the European Parliament to realise the European Pillar of Social Rights, proposing measures that develop and protect the rights that are proclaimed in it.

The fight against inequalities and the increase in social investment are the guiding principles of our progressive social agenda with a strong and coordinated European social policy.

The values ​​of our European social model are based on social justice; I will work to promote sustainable and quality employment in Europe.


My main objective is to increase the quality of life and social well-being of vulnerable groups:


I have identified factors that positively and negatively affect the resistance and inclusion of vulnerable groups into labour markets, explaining the differences between countries, labour markets and the position of certain vulnerable groups in the labour market, specifically young people and those over 55.


I have studied the impact of stereotypes and psychosocial gender determinants on women’s health, specifically in relation to the prevention of breast cancer and the use of assisted reproduction techniques.


I have implemented pilot projects in groups of people with disabilities (children with autism, people with Down Syndrome, people with mental disabilities) validating skills and competencies training models that favour social integration both in people with disabilities and their families and professionals caretakers.


I have developed tools for the stratification of elderly chronic patients with risk of hospital admission to improve their social- and healthcare in primary care centres. I have evaluated intervention programmes, for example telemonitoring, in terms of impact on quality of life and satisfaction. I have implemented programmes for the improvement of the complex care of chronic elderly patients through early palliative assistance.


I have designed and implemented integrated care programmes in order to improve the continuity and coordination of care for dependent elderly people.


I have developed a roadmap for the development of effective community care models that improve access to healthcare for immigrants and refugees.


I am a founding member of the non-profit scientific association SEAS (Spanish Association of Social and Health Care) and member of the Permanent Board since its creation in 2003 to 2018. The objective of SEAS is to generate knowledge and support research excellence in order to protect and defend the rights and interests of people who are vulnerable and at risk of exclusion.

I am a founding member of GEOMETT (Geopolitics for the Development of Public Policies in the Mediterranean), a joint initiative of researchers, policy makers, businesses and civil society to strengthen the study of public policies and scientific cooperation in the Mediterranean area.

I am a member of the Spanish Society of Psycho-oncology (SEPO) since 2000 and a member of the Permanent Board and Secretary from 2002 to 2007. SEPO is a countrywide society, born from the desire to group the professionals who are dedicated to or interested in the psychological aspects of cancer patients.

am a member of these European networks.

ELISAN – European Local Inclusion & Social Action Network

ENSA – European Network of Social Authorities

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