Housing is a fundamental right – intervention in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee

I have started the political term in the European Parliament by presenting some proposals by the EP Group of Socialists and Democrats on decent and affordable housing, during the meeting of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee that took place on 31 August 2020.

Access to housing must be considered a fundamental right and must be treated in the same way that we treat the right to health and education. Every day more than 70,000 people sleep on the streets in Europe, and the European Union is going through a major crisis in the housing sector. Excessive housing costs already affect a growing portion of the population, not just the most disadvantaged.

The cities that best regulate their housing market are those that have a wide range of public and social housing and we Socialists ask the European Commission to recommend that the Member States achieve the objective of social housing of 30% by 2030, promoting not only social housing of property but also of rent.

Listen to my full speech in this video.


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