I support the “Together at work” campaign

On September 26 I participated in the event “Together at work – Time to Rebuild Collective Bargaining in Europe” in Brussels organised by Industriall talking about collective agreements that are positive not only because they increase wages but because they reduce inequalities, increase well-being of the workers and create a democratic culture.

Today the middle class and the working class experience a variety of threats and difficulties, such as stagnant income, fear of instability or loss of employment, and a growing fear that the future is worse than the present or the past, particularly for our children. These fears are used by populist groups and the extreme right to erode the European project. Unsustainable inequalities and the unfair economic model are the
main threat to our democratic systems and our common future.

Social dialogue and negotiations are essential tools to counteract these threats.

I therefore claim a sustainable Europe where
– corporate social responsibility is mandatory
– democracy in the workplace is the norm
– restructuring processes are agreed with the workers and with the affected territories
– and jobs are created in long-term prospective sectors with added value for communities

That is why I give my full support to the “Together at work” campaign to create a more social and just Europe.

Video of the campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feMtZerAEn4

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