The decent work agenda in all European policies

I urge the European Commission to incorporate the decent work agenda of the International Labor Organization (ILO) in all European policies!

The new President Von der Leyen has committed herself to the fulfillment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda and to achieve an economy that works for everyone. This commitment goes through the fulfillment of the sustainable development goal 8, which demands the promotion of inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full employment and decent work. In addition, an economy that works for everyone is an economy where employment is of quality and wages are sufficient for a worker and his family to cover their basic needs of food, housing, health, education, transportation, leisure and a small saving for exceptional circumstances such as illness or accident.

I have sent the following questions to the European Commission:

Does the Commission intend to incorporate the decent work agenda of the ILO in all European policies?

Do you consider that a European action plan on inclusive labour markets is necessary, based on a social protocol that guarantees that social rights prevail over economic freedoms, quality employment, decent wages, social protection, a solid social dialogue, strengthening the structures of workers’ organisations and collective bargaining systems, extension of information and consultation rights to workers in franchises, subcontractors and platforms and obligations of wage transparency in companies?

Read the full press release: LINK

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