The European Parliament condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and shows support for the Ukrainian people

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, the European Parliament adopted a Resolution on 1 March, fervently condemning the attack, showing its support to the Ukrainian people and demanding to isolate Russia financially, economically and diplomatically.

The Russian invasion is an unjustified brutal aggression that violates international law and the UN Charter, and constitutes a threat to European and global security and stability. The Parliament is especially concerned about President Putin’s allusions to weapons of mass destruction, which pose a risk of nuclear escalation of the conflict. The adopted Resolution calls for an immediate ceasefire and the automatic and unconditional retreat of troops and weaponry, in order to avoid an even bigger loss of human life and to reduce the suffering inflicted onto the population.

The document is a call for European unity in defence of democracy and the values that guide modern societies that are grounded on the rule of law. Amongst the demands put forward is the protection of asylum seekers, that they be welcomed in dignified and humane conditions, and that vulnerable groups, especially unaccompanied minors, be protected. The Parliament praises Eastern European countries for opening the borders to give refuge to those fleeing violence. It also calls on the Commission and the Member States to send humanitarian help.

Moreover, it asks to strengthen sanctions to weaken the Russian economy, by including a corruption element into the European sanction mechanism, and by restricting imports, especially of crucial products such as oil and gas. In this context, the EU must ensure its energetic independence, abandon the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and diversify its energy supply sources. The Chamber acknowledges the economic and social impact that a surge in gas prices can have until energy autonomy is reached and calls for mitigating measures.

Additionally, the Resolution asks for a recovery and assistance plan endowed with sufficient funds, to support the reconstruction of Ukraine, as well as the start of procedures to give Ukraine EU accession candidate status.

The fact that the Resolution is supported by a vast majority of political groups demonstrates Parliament’s defense of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, together with Europe’s determination to protect peace and democracy.

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