The most vulnerable groups should have access to health systems in Europe

Together with my colleague, socialist MEP Alicia Homs, I have requested health coverage for all groups in society, including the most vulnerable such as children or homeless people, as well as greater cooperation between national health systems. The most vulnerable people are excluded from health coverage, which is unacceptable and does not respect the international human rights framework.

During the presentation of a report by Médecins du Monde in the European Parliament, we have denounced that there is a clear relationship between the homeless, precarious working conditions and barriers to health services.

In this regard, we have highlighted the differences between the Member States of the European Union, as well as the way in which their health systems are managed, generally for historical reasons. This carries deep implications for the unemployed or the homeless who cannot pay first and be reimbursed later.

The report shows that almost 45% of the people studied said they were in a situation of precarious housing and 7.5% were under 18. Initiatives such as the child guarantee will only be effective if the parents of these young people also participate and have access to health.

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